What is 2/18 Divided by 53?

Accepted Solution


To solve 2/18 divided by 53, we must first decompose the problem. We have the numerator of the dividend which is 2, the denominator of the dividend which is 18, and our divisor which is 53. Our goal is to find out what 2/18 divided by 53 is, both in fraction and decimal form.

Initially, we set up the problem in this format:


The first part of the solution includes multiplying the denominator of 18 with the whole number 53, yielding 954.

\(18 \times 53 = 954\)

In the next step, the result of this multiplication becomes the denominator of the answer. The problem simplifies to:

\(\frac{954}{2} = \frac{477}{1}\)

Any fraction that has 1 at the denominator is considered an improper fraction, hence we further simplify this into its numerator. At this point, there is no need for a decimal form as our answer is a whole number.

So, the final answer to the problem 2 divided by 18/53 is 477.

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