What is 19/16 Divided by 37?

Accepted Solution


To solve the fraction division problem, "What is 19/16 divided by 37?" we first need to understand the components: The dividend, which is the fraction 19/16, and the divisor, the whole number 37. The steps to solve this are:

$\text{}Step 1: Multiply the whole number 37 by the denominator of the fraction 16, i.e. 16 \times 37 = 592$

$\text{}Step 2: The result from Step 1 will be the denominator of the answer. Hence in fraction form, the answer is \frac{592}{19}.$

To convert this into decimal form, divide the numerator 592 by the denominator 19, giving approximately 31.16. Therefore, 19 divided by 16/37 is equal to 31.16 in decimal form and $\frac{592}{19}$ in fraction form.

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