What Divided by 68 Equals 2?

Accepted Solution


Understanding how to solve multi-step algebraic problems is an essential math skill. A common type of problem involves figuring out a number when divided by a certain value gives a known quotient. This can be solved by setting the problem up as an equation. Let's take the problem: "What number (we'll use x to represent this) divided by 68 equals 2?". The steps and the equations are described below:

\[ \frac{x}{68} = 2 \]

Our main goal is to find the value of x. So, we need to isolate x on one side of the equation. This can be achieved by multiplying both sides of the equation by 68:

\[ x = 2 \times 68 \]

After performing this operation, we find that:

\[ x = 136 \]

This indicates that 136 divided by 68 equals 2. We can ascertain our solution's validity by substituting x in our original equation:

\[ \frac{136}{68} = 2 \]

As this equation holds true, we are confident that the answer is correct.

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