What Divided by 36 Equals 72?

Accepted Solution

Here is how to solve a problem like this one: "What number, when divided by 36, equals 72?" Let's refer to that "What" number as x, so our problem becomes "x divided by 36 equals 72". To simplify this, we convert it to an equation: \(\frac{x}{36}=72\). The goal is then to solve for x. To isolate x, we multiply both sides of the equation by 36: \(x = 72*36\). Simplifying this, we find \(x = 2592\). Therefore, the number that, when divided by 36 equals 72, is 2592. We can confirm this by substituting 2592 in for x in our original equation: \(\frac{2592}{36} = 72\), which holds true, proving our process and answer correct. Once you're comfortable with this process, try solving these similar problems: - "What divided by 59 equals 4?" - "90 divided by what equals 79?" - "What number results when 20/10 is divided by 65?" - "What number results when 19/5 is divided by 6/16?" - "What is the result of 98 divided by 1/8?"