13 Divided by What Equals 62?

Accepted Solution


In mathematics, it's quite common to come across problems where you need to solve for a specific variable or value. A common variation of these problems is one where you need to find a number which divided by or into a certain number results in a specific value. For this guide, we'll solve the problem: Find "x" such that 13 divided by "x" equals 62.

Let's start by setting up the equation in latex form:

$\frac{13}{x} = 62$.

The aim of this problem is to solve for the value of x. We will do that in two steps. The first step is to multiply both sides by x to get rid of the denominator on the left:

$13 = 62 * x$.

Next, we need to isolate "x" on one side of the equation. We can do this by dividing both sides by 62:

$\frac{13}{62} = x$.

Simplifying the equation on the left side, we get our value for "x". If necessary, we can round the answer to three decimal places.

$ x = 0.210 $.

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