PLZ HELP ME PLZZZ 15 PTS Mr. Rodriguez asked 60 randomly chosen students from each grade level at Willowbrook School about their favorite types of reading materials. Of those 60 students, 12 chose science fiction. Mr. Rodriguez used the data to draw the inference that about 20% of middle school students prefer to read science fiction. If 150 students attend the school, did he make a reasonable inference? Explain.

Accepted Solution

12/60 students chose science fiction

Approximately x/150 students prefer sf

60x = 1800

x = 30

30/150 students are assumed to prefer sf

30/150 = x/100

150x = 3000

x = 20

20/100 students are likely to prefer sf

Mr. Rodriguez made a reasonable estimate for the approximate percentage of students that prefer science fiction, because if 12/60 is equivalent to 30/150 which refers to the number of students who can be assumed to prefer science Fiction out of the whole school. Considering we need to identify what 30/150 as a percentage is, we can reduce it down to 1/5 to make I easier, then divide 1 by 5 to get .2
.2 as a percentage is 20%, so his inference was indeed reasonable.

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