Jessica started spending more time onher math homework, and as a resulther average grade increased from an82 to an 88 over a 3-week period. Tothe nearest tenth of a percent, whatwas the percent increase in heraverage gade over the 3-weekperiodA 93.1%B 7.3%C 6.8%D 6.0%

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. 7.3 %Step-by-step explanation:Given:Initial average grade = 82Final average grade = 88Duration for the increase = 3 weeksTherefore, increase in average grade = Final - Initial = 88 - 82 = 6Now, percent increase in average grade is given as:[tex]\% \textrm{increase}=\frac{\textrm{Increase}}{\textrm{Initial grade}}\times 100\\\% \textrm{increase}=\frac{6}{82}\times 100\\\% \textrm{increase}=\frac{600}{82}=7.3\%[/tex]Therefore, the percent increase in her  average grade over the 3-week  period is 7.3 %.