Jasmine needs 22 yards of materialto make drapes, but the fabric storesells material by the meter. If 1 yardequals about 0.91 meters, how manymeters of material does Jasmine needto make the drapes?

Accepted Solution

Jasmine needs 20.02 meters to make the drapesStep-by-step explanation:Jasmine needs 22 yards of material  to make drapes, but the fabric store sells material by the meter, we need to find how many metersof material Jasmine needs to make the drapesIf 1 yard equals about 0.91 metersChange 22 yards to meters∵ 1 yard = 0.91 meters∵ To make the drapes she needs 22 yards- Use the ratio method →  Yard    :    Meter→  1           :   0.91→  22        :   x- By using cross multiplication∴ 1(x) = 0.91(22)∴ x = 20.02 metersJasmine needs 20.02 meters to make the drapesLearn more:You can learn more about word problems in brainly.com/question/10557275#LearnwithBrainly