Drag the tiles to the correct boxes to complete the pairs.The owner of a real estate agency is looking over the monthly commission earned by the top three brokers in the past month. She has calculated the mean and standard deviation, SD, of the their commissions, in dollars, as shown below.Amanda Benjamin CathyMean = 75,463.12SD = 3,839.02 Mean = 74,124.87SD = 4,062.50 Mean = 76,095.71SD = 4,227.54Match each broker with the correct description.AmandaBenjaminCathyWhich broker had the highest average monthlycommission during the past year?arrowBothFor which broker does 95% of the data liebetween $67,785.08 and $83,141.16(2 SD from the mean)?arrowBothFor which broker does 68% of the data liebetween $70,062.37 and $78,187.37(1 SD from the mean)?arrowBoth

Accepted Solution

Answer:highest mean: Cathy2SD limits given: Amanda1 SD limits given: BenjaminStep-by-step explanation:This problem is essentially one of finding the matching mean. The given means are ...A: 75,463.12B: 74,124.87C: 76,095.711. It should be no trouble to determine that the largest mean belongs to Cathy.__2. The mean is the average of the given 2SD limits, so is ...   (67,785.08 +83,141.16)/2 = 75,463.12 . . . . matches AmandaPlease note that you only need to work with about 3 significant figures:   (67.8 +83.1)/2 = 75.45 . . . . close enough to let you select Amanda__3. The mean is the average of the given 1SD limits, so is ...   (70.1 +78.2)/2 = 74.15 . . . . matches Benjamin